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Simon's barge explodes after McClane and Zeus barely escape it.

The New York Cargo Ship (or Simon's Cargo Ship/Barge) was a big ship supposedly carrying all the stolen gold from the Federal Reserve Bank down the Hudson River of New York City.

Die Hard with a Vengeance[]

John McClane and Zeus Carver drive their vehicle across the Manhattan Bridge and come across Simon's barge, a cargo ship carrying the stolen gold from the Federal Reserve. The outside is patrolled by a henchman and McClane and Carver have to find a way to cross it without alerting any of Simon's men. They use the tow cable of the vehicle to cross to the barge unnoticed (except a henchman sees it only to get sliced in half by the cable). Both men go separate ways to track down Simon and make him surrender. Then Zeus approaches Simon in the captain's cabin and tries to shoot him, but the safety was on. Simon takes the gun, shows him how to do it, then shoots Zeus in the leg. Meanwhile McClane takes out a henchman smashing his head with the door, then goes to the storage below the ship's compartment where he ran into Targo's right hand man and Mathias Targo. McClane kills the minion but Targo gets the upper hand when he hits McClane from behind. McClane manages to escape from Targo's grasp when he uses a hook that trips Targo knocking him out. McClane then heads to the cabin and sees a bomb that he shockingly discovers is the real bomb Simon intended to use to fool the police. Simon meets him, then proceeds telling him his true plan before tying him and Zeus up with the bomb below the ship deck. The two only have a matter of a few minutes so they escape the ship just before it explodes.