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Nitric is a Hispanic explosive expert with a keen knowledge of bombmaking. He serves as one of the antagonists in the 2002 video-game Die Hard: Vendetta.

Nitric is considered non-canon with the Die Hard series overall.

Die Hard: Vendetta[]

Nitric was imprisoned in the LAPD police station in Century City when Piet Gruber and his men began to siege the station to kill Townsend Art museum curator Christophe Von Laben. With the place booby-trapped explosives planted in front door of the building to destroy it if anyone tries to get in from outside, McClane finds Nitric in his cell after being arrested in a traffic misdemeanor. Against his better judgment, McClane reluctantly releases Nitric to disarm the bombs in the front door. As they reached the front door, Nitric convinced McClane to wait in the far end of the reception deck to avoid getting killed by accident. He does disarm the booby-trapped bombs, but makes his getaway through the front door. As he leaves, he joins the group that work for Gruber and Jack Frontier. Then he helps Gruber kidnap Lucy McClane.

Nitric was at the Hollywood studio overseeing the operation to move the stolen paintings. He's get wounded and captured by McClane, but McClane is also been arrested for endangering the life of an actress. Nitric and McClane seat in prison cells next to each other in the Sierra Correctional Facility. While in the cell, Nitric knows that Frontier, impressed by his knowledge of explosives, will help break him out and receives a can of tuna from Cesar Tuna Factory where one of Gruber's headquarters is at where a key to a cell is secretly placed at. Once the siege in the prison began, Nitric left his cell and went to head for the chopper. He was the prison execution chamber where the prison warden is held at, prepared to be executed by lethal injection. He left the chamber to go to the helipad just before McClane went in and saved the warden.

As McClane went to the helipad, he and Nitric went into a shootout. Then McClane mortally wounds Nitric. As McClane desperately asked where Lucy was at, Nitric only gave him riddles before he died. Then another can of tuna that came from Cesar Tuna Factory fell off him, which provides McClane an important clue to where to look for Lucy.