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"We've got flurries all along the Virginia coast. New storm front coming in out of the Northeast."
―Cochrane to Garber and Miller. [src]
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Cochrane's death.

Sergeant Oswald Cochrane was a mercenary working for Colonel Stuart in his operation to break General Ramon Esperanza out of Val Verde custody. Before the operation, Cochrane was reported to be killed in a helicopter crash while serving as an American military advisor in Honduras in 1988. He had brown hair and a mustache. His file says he has been in the military starting in 1969. Presumably, he was born in 1950, 11 years older than his portrayer.

Die Hard 2[]


Cochrane in a shootout with John McClane at Dulles Airport.

Cochrane was first seen with Col. Stuart and his men exiting the airport hotel and walking to the terminal. Then he is sitting in the airport lounge with Garber and Miller. After Garber asked for the weather update, Cochrane states that the storm front is coming in from the northeast, which earns them in their favor. After Garber tells them to carry on their assignments, Miller left first on schedule and Cochrane followed him.

As Miller and Cochrane installed the signal device to tap into the tower systems at the luggage area, John McClane, who noticed the suspicion, followed them and demands their identifications. Cochrane and Miller feign that they will, Cochrane opens fires at McClane, but missed him. Miller signals Cochrane to go above and he does. During the scuffle, McClane sprays Miller's face with a mace spray can, but Cochrane shoots the spray can away from the walkway above. Cochrane pursues McClane, but McClane jumps down on him and both fell into the moving conveyor belt. After McClane punches and head-butted him down, Cochrane went into the electrical baggage press, electrocuting him to death.

After the morgue workers were removing Cochrane's body, McClane takes his fingerprints from his corpse and sends it to LAPD Sgt. Al Powell, allowing him to identify Cochrane and discovers that he is a mercenary up to something at the airport. A perplexed Powell tells John that Cochrane is dead. When McClane sardonically says "so what else is new", Powell says that according to official government records, Cochrane died on May 11, 1988, in an aviation accident. Cochrane was the first mercenary McClane kills, and the first man lost in the operation.


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