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Otto's death.

Otto was a Hungarian terrorist working for Simon Gruber. He was brought over by Mathias Targo to steal $140 billion of gold bullion in the New York's Federal Reserve Bank.

Die Hard with a Vengeance[]

Otto was portrayed with some terrorists in disguise as city engineers to repair the Wall Street subway station that was bombed by them. Otto was among the figures who patrolled with NYPD detective Ricky Walsh and two patrol cops who went downstairs into the damaged subway station. Ricky noticed that the NYPD cops were taken out silently and tried to draw his weapon to protect himself, but Otto kills Ricky, even though there was supposed to be no shooting. He then takes Ricky's badge and puts it on his coat pocket, now posing as a police detective.

Later, when John McClane went to the Federal Reserve Bank and terrorists posing as security guards lead him to the elevator, Otto was among the terrorists while pretending to be a detective. The guard mentioned the weather, saying it was going to "rain like dogs and cats," which put McClane on alert. In the elevator, McClane noticed Ricky's badge number on Otto's jacket pocket (as all Police Officers bet their badge numbers in the lottery, and noticed his friend's) and realized that he and the other three security guards (KurtKarl and Gunther) are fake. Otto's fate was further sealed after another imposter called the elevator a 'lift', which McClane picked up on. After McClane kills the other three of Simon's men, Otto was pinned to the elevator wall by McClane with his Beretta to his neck whilst Otto was still firing his pistol. McClane lunged forward, pulled the trigger and killed Otto instantly. Otto was the fourth of Simon's men that McClane killed.

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