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The Pacific Courier truck beginning to pull into the parking garage, next to Theo and Karl's Mercedes.

The Pacific Courier Truck, a Ford LN truck, was the main mode of transportation for the terrorists in Die Hard. This truck is the property of the real world Pacific Courier transportation company.

Die Hard[]

The Pacific Courier truck was driven by Heinrich into the underground parking garage of Nakatomi Plaza, where it pulled into the loading dock and parked and everybody got out. Later on, Theo went down into the parking garage and got the getaway ambulance they had parked in the back of the truck earlier, prepared so they can escape the scene while the police think they died in the roof explosion. While he is getting his paramedics uniform on, however, Argyle who was also in the parking garage during the siege rams the ambulance with his limo and knocks him out.



  • At the end of the 1994 movie Speed (seen as Die Hard inspired), the plane that is destroyed when the bus explodes belongs to Pacific Courier.