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"I'm sorry...Mrs. Holly says I couldn't let strangers into --"
―Paulina to Richard Thornburg.

Paulina is the nanny of the McClane family. She watches Lucy McClane and John McClane, Jr. while Holly is at work at Nakatomi Plaza.


Paulina is of Hispanic heritage and can speak a little broken English. Paulina is implied to be an illegal immigrant when reporter Richard Thornburg confronts her with this information in order to interview the children. Despite this, she is shown to be a very caring person who is willing to do whatever it takes to take care of the children's well being.

Die Hard[]

Paulina is first seen when Holly calls home before the Christmas party to talk to her children. After telling her children not to snoop around for presents and to behave, Holly talked to Paulina and asked her to prepare the guest room for John McClane if he showed up for Christmas.

Later, at the McClane home, Paulina is threatened to be deported to the INS by Richard Thornburg as he tries to break the story about McClane's children. Her fate afterwards is unknown as she is not seen again for the rest of the film (or the whole series for that matter).

Behind the Scenes[]

On the director's commentary track, McTiernan says that this actress was actually an Italian woman but felt that she did an excellent job portraying the Hispanic character of Paulina.