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John McClane at the "North of the Border" Truck Stop in Quebec.

Quebec is a Canadian province located in the eastern side of Canada. It borders with the United States and one of its closest neighbors is New York. John McClane comes here along with Zeus Carver upon realizing that Simon is hiding in a warehouse with all the stolen gold bars from the New York Federal Reserve.

Die Hard with a Vengeance[]

While McClane and Zeus are trapped with the bomb inside the boat, John tells Simon he has a very bad headache and asks for some aspirin, to which Simon responds by throwing a bottle to McClane. Then after escaping the boat with Zeus, the NYPD find them and bring them to safety; McClane calls his wife, Holly, but before he can do anything, he notices the bottle cap which its inscription reads 'Nord des Lignes' (French for “North of the Border”). He then finds out Simon is headed for Quebec, Canada. So he immediately tells the NYPD to fly him there.

Meanwhile in Quebec, Simon, Katya, and his remaining henchmen celebrate with champagne for their efforts in stealing the gold, and that they will become richer by tomorrow. They were to depart for Nova Scotia the next day. As they continue their celebration, Simon and Katya go upstairs to have sex, but it is interrupted when McClane shines the helicopter's searchlight directly at them. Katya angrily shoots the helicopter and it alerted Simon's men. However, the Sûreté du Québec back up McClane and capture Simon's men. After McClane's helicopter is taken out in the air, it approaches emergency landing for both him and Zeus. While on the ground, McClane takes out Simon by shooting the electrical circuits, telling him to say hello to his brother, causing a wire to fall apart and hit the rotors of Simon's getaway helicopter, killing him and Katya as it explodes. McClane then calls his wife again at the insistence of Zeus.