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Die Hard

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Die Hard


Carmine Zozzora

Officer Rivers is a SWAT cop of the Los Angeles Police Department. His boss is Captain Mitchell.

Die HardEdit

The LAPD arrive at Nakatomi Plaza as well as the SWAT unit. Captain Mitchell sends in four of his best men to break into the front entrance of the building, and Rivers is one of the first officers to respond. Throughout the film, Rivers is the only member of his team who communicates with his boss during the attempted break-in. The team gets set up and they use a blowtorch to break their way in. Rivers stands right by his teammate, covering him. But when James and Alexander shoot the searchlights, Eddie and Uli have the advantage of taking them out but Hans Gruber tells them both to only wound the officers. Rivers, is one of the first officers to be hit (despite wearing body armor) from the terrorists gunfire and he lies on the floor gasping for help. Luckily, he is saved by John McClane who threw one C-4 explosive down the elevator shaft and made sure no more shooting would occur down there so he can escape.

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