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Robinson was a cyber-terrorist working for Thomas Gabriel. His job was to drive the semi-truck with the rig that carries a mobile computer station inside.

Live Free or Die Hard[]

Robinson drove the semi trailer that carried a mobile computer station from the abandoned warehouse to Woodlawn, a top-secret facility containing back-up financial data. After arriving in Woodlawn, he stood guard outside the main gate.

At daybreak, Gabriel and the remaining men with him went to the Hazmat van with hostages Matt Farrell and Lucy McClane, Robinson followed them in the semi-truck. Unknown to him, John McClane jumps on top of the rig and gets to the driver's side. McClane fired three rounds through the driver's side and killed Robinson. Then McClane removes his body out of the truck and takes over the vehicle. Robinson was the eighth man in Gabriel's group that McClane killed.


  • He shares the same last name as Dwayne T. Robinson, the Deputy Chief of the LAPD in Die Hard.
  • Like many of the various henchmen of Thomas Gabriel, save for the lead henchmen, this named character was played by a stunt performer. The stunt driver and performer for the shooting was the late Bryon Weiss, while the character's body when it's thrown out of the truck by Bruce Willis' character John McClane was played by stunt actor Dennis Keiffer.