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Die Hard with a Vengeance


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"I'm afraid I'm gonna need an answer on that issue."
―Rolf to Simon

Rolf was one of Simon Gruber's henchmen during the heist in the Federal Reserve Bank in New York.

Die Hard with a VengeanceEdit

Rolf was helping out Simon and their comrades rob the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. He walked down the subway steps of the station they bombed near the vault of the Federal Reserve building on the other side of the wall. After taking out Detective Ricky Walsh and two patrol officers, he changes disguise as the police officer. Then they took the gold from the vault and put them in dump trucks. Rolf and two other comrades stood guard near the subway bomb site, disguised as uniformed police officers.

Then Rolf sees John McClane and Zeus Carver returning to the bank and informs Simon on the cell phone. As Zeus was coming up to him and his other comrades, disguised as police officers, Rolf speaks in an American accent to Simon while keeping appearances as a police officer. After Simon tells him to let Zeus go, Rolf speaks to Zeus politely. Zeus hands over the suitcase bomb that was in Tompkins Square Park to them. While he and the others we're maintaining their cover as policemen, Rolf thanks Zeus for deliver the bomb to them and shakes his hand. But one of men thought they should leave it because he didn't want to ride with that bomb, but Rolf convinces him that some kid could get their hands on it, showing that he at least cares for innocent people. The henchman reluctantly brought the bomb in the backseat and the two took off to go to New York City Water Tunnel No. 3 at the Catskill Mountains entrance, much to the suspicion of Zeus.

Once Simon, as well as Mathias Targo and several others, arrived in dump trucks with stolen gold, Targo calls on Rolf and some others to go after McClane. Then Simon sees the suitcase bomb they brought with them and tells Targo to blow the dam with it in attempt to drown McClane who is following them on the dump truck he commandeered.

It is likely that Rolf was arrested afterwards by the police in Quebec.


Most of fans confuse Rolf with other terrorist, Erik, who's played by Phil Theis.

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