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Rollins is a United States Department of Justice official. He is portrayed by Charles Lanyer.

Presumably Rollins serves as a liaison from the Justice Department for this specific terrorist situation, counseling the airport leadership and military special forces team on the legality of their actions. The other two justice department officials had already commented on the record, that their presence at Dulles was "routine" for the arrival of an extradited target for prosecution such as Ramon Esperanza.

Die Hard 2[]

Following the crash of Windsor 114, Trudeau informs John McClane that he has contacted the government for help with their situation. Rollins, along with McClane, Trudeau, Carmine Lorenzo, 2 other officials from the Department of Justice and a mixture of other Dulles International Airport personnel, greet Major Grant and his Blue Light Team upon their arrival.

No civilians

"No civilians"

The first action Rollins takes under the purview of legal counsel is to deny McClane access to the service elevator carrying the rest of the officials and military officers to what is likely a meeting to strategize and advise on the next steps to be taken.