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PDVD 104

The roof of Nakatomi Building

The Roof on the Nakatomi Plaza is the top of the Nakatomi Plaza. It features a helipad, the entrance to the ventilation fan and the fire hose.

Die Hard[]

John McClane goes to the roof and went to the helipad. He warns in on the radio to the police that terrorists have seized control of the Nakatomi Building. After yelling out to the dispatcher to send the police now, Karl Vreski, Franco and Fritz fired at McClane. He jumps onto the roof landing and retreated away from the thugs to the door that leads to the ventilation fan. Karl sends Fritz down below the roof and McClane goes through the fan using the Heckler & Koch MP5 gun to stop the fan. As he did so, Karl had Fritz go down below to block their intruder in and he and Franco tried to kill him there, but failed as he got away. Karl and Franco left the roof and joined Fritz to get their intruder.

One of the terrorists, James, spots the police car arriving with Al Powell driving it. Then when he sees McClane smashing the window with the chair, James warns Heinrich on the radio about it, which he and Marco went down to stop McClane.

Then Uli had the hostages in the building moved to the roof to be secretly killed by C-4 planted on the roof landing. After Uli got the hostages to the roof, McClane arrives and kills him. Then he went to find his wife Holly, only to learn from her pregnant secretary Ginny that terrorist mastermind Hans Gruber took her to the vault on the 30th floor. Then McClane sees the helicopter about to land, McClane yells out to the hostages to get downstairs since the roof is wired to blow. When they hesitated, McClane fires Uli's machine gun up on the air to scare them away. The FBI agents on the chopper mistake McClane for a terrorist and fired at him, forcing him to jump off the helipad. Knowing there is no time to take the stairs, McClane takes the fire hose and ties it around his waist. As he prepares to jump off the building, the helicopter arrives and Special Agent Johnson was about to fire the sniper at him. McClane jumps down shortly after Hans detonated the explosives, which inciterates the roof and destroying the helicopter carrying the FBI agents. McClane barely succeeds on making the 30th floor on the fire hose before the fire hose reel falls off the roof. The entire was in flames due the explosives as the helicopter fell and explodes on the 30th floor.