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Foreign Military One

Foreign Military One lands on Runway 25R.

Runway 25R is one of the runways in Dulles International Airport. It was used to land the plane that contained dictator and drug lord General Ramon Esperanza, Foreign Military One when the plane lost cabin pressure and couldn't land on Runway 15.

Die Hard 2[]

When General Esperanza commandeered the plane, he convinces the pilot to try to land in runway 15, but the co-pilot fought back, but was killed and caused cabin pressure. After Esperanza killed the pilot, Esperanza takes over Foreign Military One and checks in on Colonel Stuart on the encoded radio. He tells Stuart that he lost cabin pressure and is near zero visibility. Esperanza says he cannot land in runway 15 as planned. Stuart improvises to land in the runway 25R which is an accessible runway to him. After the lights we're switched from 15 to 25R, Esperanza thanks Stuart for giving the safe landing location for him and goes for the runway. John McClane, who had the activated radio that airport janitor Marvin found in the baggage room that mercenary Miller dropped, overheard everything on it and goes to the tunnels below the runways to get to Esperanza.

As the plane was closing in on the runway, McClane climbs up the ladder to the drain grate and finds out it's locked. After shooting it out and prepared to go through it, the plane lands on runway 25R. McClane sees the plane is coming at them and moved quickly to go through the heavy grate vent before the plane's wheel forced it closed. As the plane stopped at the runway, McClane comes to it. Esperanza opens the plane door and happily expresses his freedom, but McClane punches him back to the plane and says "Not yet." As McClane pointed the gun at the surprised dictator, planning to trade him for his wife, Stuart and his men arrived in the runway, firing at him from the SUV. Although McClane killed Thompson and shot Esperanza in the shoulder, he retreated to the cockpit. As Esperanza and Kahn fired the cockpit, which turned out to be bullet-resistant, Kahn barricaded the door with the fire axe and escorts the general out. Then Stuart, Garber and Kahn fired the cockpit in the attempt to kill McClane. Then the mercenaries threw grenades in the plane. As McClane seats the pilot's seat has the ejector, he quickly buckles himself in and ejects, just as the plane explodes, engulfing it to flame as well as parts of the runway. The runway was presumably closed due to the explosion of Foreign Military One.