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The Russian Cab Driver

"Welcome to Moscow."
―Russian Cab Driver saying that to John McClane [src]

Russian Cab Driver is a Russian taxi cab driver who drove John McClane around Moscow to get him to the courthouse. His name was never specific. He is portrayed by Pavel Lychnikoff.

A Good Day to Die Hard[]

This cab driver was taking McClane to the courthouse when they caught into some heavy traffic. As McClane, who doesn't know the Russian language, was trying to speak Russian through the paper he written on it, the cab admits that he speaks English. The cabbie says it's heavy traffic jam is common in Moscow. He asked McClane if he was American. McClane confirms that he is American and he's from New York. The driver asked McClane if he can sing and McClane sings to him. The cabbie happily replies, "Welcome to Moscow." Then the cab driver says the courthouse is only about few blocks away. McClane offers him some money for the fare of the ride, but the cabbie politely declines it since he sang a song. McClane then leaves the cab to go on foot to the courthouse where his imprisoned son, Jack McClane, is being transported too.