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"It's McClane! He's on the third floor and the kid is... (John McClane shot him)"
―Russo's last words before his "death" [src]

Robert Russo was one of Thomas Gabriel's henchman during his attempt to create a fire sale in Live Free or Die Hard.

Live Free or Die Hard[]

Russo px4 suppressed

Russo firing his Beretta Px4 Storm Silencer at the MP guards

Russo was in the Hazmet truck with Emerson and two other henchmen when they arrived in Woodlawn. He killed two MPs guarding the main gate in Woodlawn and secured it so that they can download the financial data.

Later, Gabriel sends him to Camden, New Jersey to kidnap John McClane's daughter Lucy, posing as a FBI agent sent to rescue her. Russo brings Lucy to Woodlawn, despite resistance and a punch to his face from her.

Russo then checks out an alert in the third sub-basement floor. He spots McClane and computer hacker Matt Farrell and holds them in gunpoint. But McClane managed to overpower him. Then, McClane pushes him into the office chair and knock him down the stairs, fracturing his skull, but not killing him. McClane confronts Russo into revealing where Lucy is, but he refuses to do so. Gabriel tries to contact Russo, but McClane mocks that he is going to meet Gabriel's dead girlfriend, Mai Linh. Russo tries to reveal where McClane and Farrell are to Gabriel, but McClane fires a shot to scare Gabriel. McClane takes his pistol and ammo and leaves him in the stairway. Russo's fate afterwards isn't explicitly stated, though the theatrical version leaves it up in the air as implied while in the unrated cut of the movie, Russo looked like he was dying after being knock down by McClane. This makes him the sixth in Gabriel's gang to lose his life to McClane.


  • "This bitch is a handful. (Lucy punches Russo in his face)"
  • "Don't move! You! Get away from the bag! NOW!"
  • "We've been waiting for you."


  • For the stairway death sequence where McClane tackles Russo backwards, stunt performer Adam Hart doubled as the character for said fall.
  • While his death is implied, he's not explicitly seen bloodied up or bruised. However, the Unrated cut of Live Free or Die Hard makes this clearer by showing him completely bloodied up and McClane then bashes his head repeatedly (heard over the walkie talkie) and states to Gabriel that Russo will now be joining Mai Linh on the highway to hell.

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