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The LAPD SWAT Van (or RV) is a six-wheeled armored vehicle employed by the SWAT unit of the police department. In Die Hard, the vehicle shown is a 1943 Ford M8 Greyhound light armored vehicle with its turret removed and large enough to break through the entrance of a building.

"Send in the car"[]

Captain Mitchell of the LAPD SWAT unit talks through his mic and orders his crew to 'send in the car', carrying the whole team inside. The armored car climbs its way up a set of stairs leading to the entrance of Nakatomi Plaza as an attempt to break into the building and save the hostages. However, the armored car is trapped on the stairs and gets hit by an anti-tank missile that strikes it dead on (fired by James & Alexander). It catches on fire and is rendered immobile. Hans Gruber, who was watching the action from the 30th floor, commands his two cronies to 'hit it again', despite John McClane's protests. The car is hit a second time and the flames spread. As the LAPD officers try to evacuate the SWAT officers from the burning, stricken armored car, McClane kills James and Alexander with a C-4 explosive brick before they can fire a third missile, allowing the SWAT officers to be saved.