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Die Hard 2

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Die Hard 2


Killed by falling working rig, caused by John McClane


Michael Cunningham

Sheldon was a mercenary under Colonel Stuart and was involved in the takeover the Dulles International Airport's control tower to rescue General Ramon Esperanza.

Die Hard 2[edit | edit source]

Sheldon was with O'Reilly, Shockley and Mulkey in the airport's annex skywalk at the new airport terminal, under, disguised as a maintenance worker. He was on top of a titanium-made working rig. Then Dulles' chief engineer Leslie Barnes and five SWAT officers arrived in the new terminal. After O'Reilly sprang the bottleneck trap by killing the SWAT commander, Sheldon killed two SWAT officers while Mulkey eliminated the other two, though they lost Shockley. 

Then John McClane came through the ventilation vent and killed O'Reilly. Despite Sheldon and Mulkey's efforts, McClane eluded their line of fire. When McClane was below the scaffolding rig and fired through it, Sheldon fired down below. McClane, with much effort, pushed the working rig down, causing Sheldon to fall from the top and landed on the floor below. 

Sheldon's death

The working rig fell onto a screaming Sheldon, crushing him to death. His surviving comrade, Mulkey, was killed afterwards. Sheldon was the third member of Stuart's men to be killed by McClane, and the fourth mercenary to be killed in action.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Sheldon was at the deleted scene where O'Reilly killed the two maintenance workers and put them in the airport van to take their uniforms, which explains the uniforms they use in the airport annex skywalk.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Sheldon fires at John McClane.

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