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Lieutenant Sherman was a mercenary of Major Grant's Blue Light Squad. He was one of the eleven blue team mercenaries presumed to have been killed aboard General Ramon Esperanza and Colonel Stuart's attempted getaway on their hijacked freighter plane.

Die Hard 2Edit

Lt. Sherman was seen arriving with Major Grant and his other mercenaries at Dulles International Airport. Sherman never spoke with John McClane as he was "carrying on with his assignment". He later appears at the church alongside Carmine Lorenzo. After getting in an argument with McClane, Grant orders Sherman to get Lorenzo out of his sight, which he acceptably does. On board the Blue Light squad's truck, Sherman witnesses Corporal Telford's death at the hands of Grant. On the jet, Sherman is with Grant's mercenaries, as well as Col. Stuart's remaining men sitting in the back somewhere with them. He is killed on the jet after McClane uses his Zippo lighter to burn the plane's fuel and blow it up, killing Sherman and everyone else onboard.

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