Simon Says is a children's game where the goal is to make others do certain things and/or eliminate them. In Die Hard with a Vengeance, a crazed East German terrorist who goes by said name, utilizes a life threatening version of the game in an attempt to make John McClane go on a wild goose chase as a distraction so he can steal gold bullion from Wall Street.

How to playEdit

The object for the player acting as 'Simon' is to get all the other players out as quickly as possible; the winner of the game is usually the last player who has successfully followed all of the given commands. Occasionally however, 2 or more of the last players may all be eliminated by following a command without "Simon Says", thus resulting in Simon winning the game. 4 or more players can participate in the game.

Simon's riddlesEdit

Below is a list of the sequence of events that occurs in the film for each riddle:

  • Send John McClane in Harlem wearing a racist sandwich board.
  • McClane and Zeus Carver solve a telephone riddle involving the phone number with the answer.
  • Both men get to Wall Street Station within 30 minutes together.
  • Go to Tompkins Square Park and disarm a bomb.
  • Fill 5 gallons of water in the 3 gallon bottle and vice versa within 1 minute.
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