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Hans and his pistol

Hans Gruber removing the silencer of his H&K P7M13.

A Firearm Suppressor, also known as a Silencer, is a weapon accessory used to lower the decibels the sound of a gun makes, therefore it is "suppressing" gunfire. They are attached at the end of the barrel around the muzzle of the gun. The suppressor is seen in three of the Die Hard films.

Die Hard[]

The silencer is seen twice in Die Hard, and they are accessories of Hans Gruber's group. Karl carries one with him as he and Theo break into Nakatomi via the front entrance. He uses it to take out the first guard at the lobby desk, then the other after throwing his hockey puck smoke bomb.

Hans Gruber can be seen with his silencer after taking Joe Takagi with him into an empty conference room and unscrews it from his Heckler & Koch P7M13 pistol in front of him. The prop supressor used here is shown screwing into the inside section of barrel with a solid screw blocking the bore, and would render the firearm inoperable.

Die Hard 2[]


Baker pulls out his silencer-equipped pistol.

At the Hidey Lake Community Church, Baker used a Glock 7 pistol with a suppressor and used it to kill the church custodian.

Live Free or Die Hard[]

DH4- Russo and other main terrorist (Charlie Grisham)

Russo pointing his silencer equipped gun at an MP guard at Woodlawn.

During the raid at the Eastern Power Hub, Mai Linh and several henchmen carry guns equipped with silencers on them, so as not to alert other guards in the surrounding location.

Russo used a silencer equipped gun killing guards at Woodlawn.