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TAG Heuer 1

TAG Heuer 2000 Chronograph

The TAG Heuer 2000 Chronograph Professional is professional grade luxury chronograph.


TAG Heuer was the genesis of Techniques D'avant Garde (TAG) purchasing Heuer in 1985. They produce high-end luxury watches and other fashion accessories.

This model was one of the original Heuer 2000s produced shortly following the merger with TAG.  This quartz chronograph utilized a combination ETA quartz driver and Dubois-Depraz mechanical chronograph platform. These models were produced during the 1980s.

The words written on the watch from top to bottom are "TAG Heuer, 2000, QUARTZ, professional, 200 METERS, SWISS MADE."

Die Hard 2[]

TAG Heuer 2

Colonel Stuart wearing only a ring and his TAG Heuer 2000

Colonel Stuart and his men all sport a version of the 2000 TAG Heuer watches throughout the film, synchronizing their movements with one another to the second. The 264.006 model is particularly notable because it and a large ring are literally the only things Stuart is wearing in his introduction scene.