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Telford's death.

Corporal Telford was a soldier who works alongside Major Grant and The Blue Light Team to retake Dulles International Airport from rogue Colonel Stuart and his mercenaries. Unlike Grant and the other men, he was never involved in their plot and never knew about Grant's true affiliation with Stuart.

Die Hard 2

Telford was recently transfered to Major Grant's unit, Blue Light Team, as a last minute replacement to replace a sick soldier. He was among the soldiers who arrived in Dulles International Airport to battle mercenaries, led by Colonel Stuart, who took over the airport's landing control systems. At the airport police station, off-duty police lieutenant John McClane came to Telford and the soldier says grimly that CIA Headquarters in Langley that the portable decoder for the airport systems won't be in two hours, which McClane realizes that the plane carrying his wife Holly doesn't have that long. Telford admits to McClane that he only got transferred to Grant's team yesterday since the regular guy got ill. Telford says word is that nobody's better at this work than Grant, which McClane replies that except maybe Colonel Stuart is better than Grant.

While Major Grant was confronting angrily at McClane about his heroic efforts, Telford informs him that the Pentagon is calling for him. When the location of Stuart's place of operations was found at Highland Lake Community Church in the west side of the airport, Telford goes on the army truck with Grant and his men. Once they arrived, Telford was among the soldiers firing at Stuart's men at the church, not knowing that his magazines were blanks. After the firefight, Telford spots the C4 explosives in the makeshift airport equipment of the church. Grant evacuated the church.

Telford went back to the truck as they headed for Hanger 11. As the other soldiers made a military joke to Telford about what he was doing while they were taking Grenada. Telford admits that he wishes he was with them for that and Grant concurs with him, saying that then he "wouldn't have to do this." Grant reveals his true allegiance and slashes Telford's throat with a combat knife, leaving Telford to gasp for air. Telford died in a matter of seconds. His death was eventually avenged when McClane knocked Grant into the plane's engine.