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September 10, 1959


December 24, 1990


Colonel Stuart

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Die Hard 2

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Die Hard 2


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Peter Nelson

"This is Buckwheat. The clubhouse is open."
―Thompson speaking at the radio after taking over Hidey Lake Community Church [src]

Thompson was one of Colonel Stuart's mercenaries and former unit member who attempt to break out General Ramon Esperanza by taking over the control tower of Dulles International Airport. He is the senary antagonist of Die Hard 2.

Die Hard 2[edit | edit source]

Thompson was first seen with Colonel Stuart and his men exiting the hotel and walking to the elevator.

Thompson was with his comrade Baker when they we're disguised as Airport maintenance workers as they entered Highland Lake Community Church west of the airport. After Baker killed the church's custodian, Thompson reported in at the encoded radio that they took over the church as he and Baker cleared it out. After setting up the airport equipment in the church, Thompson was among the mercenaries overseeing the airport's instrument landing system.

Thompson reluctantly recalibrates Dulles Airport's sea level

After the lost of Stuart's men in the airport's annex, Thompson helped him find a plane that is low on fuel, which is Windsor 114, which was flying transatlantic from London. After Stuart told Thompson to recalibrate the sea level to minus 200 feet, Thompson, a bit reluctant and uncomfortable for he was about to be part of mass murder, complied as he activated the ILS landing and reset the ground level to the point where the plane cannot see the runway due to the deadly blizzard. After the Windsor flight crashed in runway 29, he continued assisting Stuart in his operation, although he looked at the Colonel in disbelief and slight disgust after the plane crashed.

Thompson was the one who saw that General Esperanza's plane, Foreign Military One, has arrived in Dulles airspace. After Esperanza reported that he lost cabin pressure and cannot land in runway 15, Stuart had Thompson changed the runway lights from runway 15 to runway 25R in order for Esperanza to land at the runway accessible to him. Thompson then accompanied Stuart, Garber and Kahn to extract Esperanza at runway 25R.

Thompson is shot to death by McClane.

Once they got there, they saw John McClane with Esperanza at gunpoint. They all got out of their vehicle and Thompson & the others began opening fire on him. But McClane shot and killed Thompson when he was getting out of the SUV. He was the fifth man in Stuart's unit to be killed by McClane, and the sixth man killed during the operation.

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