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2007 (age 27)

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Beretta 92G Elite 1A pistol


Thomas Gabriel

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Live Free or Die Hard

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Live Free or Die Hard


Killed by John McClane


Jonathan Sadowski

Trey was a lead hacker who worked for Thomas Gabriel and seemed to be in charge of all of the other hackers working directly for him. Unlike the rest of the hackers, Trey seemed to know exactly what his boss Gabriel had planned. He is the quinary antagonist of Live Free or Die Hard.

Live Free or Die HardEdit

Fire SaleEdit

Trey helped set up and run Thomas Gabriel's Fire Sale and set up his message made up out of various American Presidents to put fear into the population. When Casper commented that it was "creepy", Trey said that he "tried to find more Nixon." When Agent Johnson talked about Matt Farrell on the radio, Trey alerted Gabriel to this and isolated their radio so that Mai could talk to them, pretending to be a dispatcher and lure them into a trap. When Farrell and John McClane escaped into a tunnel, Trey was ordered to make it so that traffic came in both lanes from both sides at the same time in an attempt to kill McClane and Farrell, but hesitated to do so. Gabriel did it himself and reprimanded him for his hesitation.

When McClane and Farrell stopped Mai and sent an e-bomb to distract Gabriel, Trey connected Gabriel to what they believed was Mai but instead McClane answered. Gabriel orders him to divert all natural gas pipelines to the Hub to blow it up and kill McClane and Farrell, but they escape. When Warlock hacks into Gabriel's network, Trey detects it and alerts Gabriel. He also helps to locate Lucy McClane and contact her. Having no more use for the other hackers, Gabriel has them all killed, but spares Trey, who seems to be aware that Gabriel planned the murder as he was led out of the room beforehand and was unsurprised by the slaughter. When Farrell encodes all the financial data, Trey tries and fails to decode it and when the FBI sends an F-35 at them, he gets the go codes and monitors the fighter jet. Trey joins Gabriel, Emerson and another henchman, as well as Lucy and Farrell in a Hazmat van. Then he realizes that its not Robinson driving Gabriel's semi. At Gabriel's order, Trey connects Gabriel to the F-35 and gives him the go codes so he can trick it into attacking McClane.



Trey's Death

At the warehouse hideout, Trey arrives in a car while Gabriel forces Farrell to decode the financial data and reports that the FBI is on its way and is ordered by Gabriel to prepare their plane for take-off. As he heads to do so, McClane, who survived the attempt to kill him, arrives and shot Trey in the chest, killing him almost instantly. He was the ninth man in Gabriel's group that McClane killed.
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