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The tunnel is an unnamed traffic tunnel in Washington, D.C., which was affected as a result of cyber-terrorist Thomas Gabriel shutting it down. It was featured in Live Free or Die Hard.

Live Free or Die Hard[]

Tunnel attack[]

John McClane drives the Homeland Security Car with Matt Farrell, while avoiding enemy gunfire from Rand and Del. In the middle of the drive, McClane knocks out a fire hydrant, causing water to hit Del, who falls to his death on the ground. McClane keeps driving until they get to inside the tunnel. The enemy helicopter still follows them and Rand keeps firing at the duo. Both manage to take cover.

Once inside the tunnel, the tunnel suddenly opens to traffic. Meanwhile, Gabriel's fellow hacker Trey does all the work to shut down the tunnel, but Gabriel takes over. He opens the other end of the tunnel, thus diverting the traffic. He then turns off all the emergency lights in the tunnel, making it extremely difficult for civilian drivers to concentrate. Horns start honking and cars start making swerving noises. Farrell then exits the Homeland Security car, then McClane exits too, despite him telling Farrell not to do so. A civilian car suddenly rams the Homeland Security car. Farrell, who gets stuck in the middle of chaos, is warned by McClane to not move. McClane rescue him, just when another car is about to hit him. Another civilian car rams another car, causing it to roll over several times. McClane then makes his way back to the Homeland Security car. He starts to drive forward, while avoiding gunfire from Rand. Suddenly the bonnet cover comes out, causing the car to start burning. McClane springs out of the car, which still runs at high speed. It then rams through a ticketbox ledge and crashes into the helicopter, incinerating the pilot, but Rand survives by jumping out.


Several civilians are presumed dead or fatally injured afterwards. Farrell is sitting by the back of the car, and McClane crouches at him. Farrell tells McClane he destroyed a helicopter with a car, to which McClane's response was that he was out of bullets. Meanwhile, Gabriel called Rand, and Rand told him that the helicopter was destroyed. When Gabriel asked about McClane and Farrell, Rand told him that they are dead. From Rand's response, Gabriel's team moved on to the third and final stage of his Fire Sale.