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Victor is a friend of Richard Thornburg who helps him uncover the situation of the terrorist seizing control of Dulles International Airport.

Die Hard 2[]

Victor was resting in another seat in Northeast Airlines 140 jet when Thornburg wakes him up and asks if he still has the radio microphone with him. Victor replies that he does and wouldn't even let Airport security check them in. Thornburg tells Victor to set up one of the receivers and asked if he can tune in the cockpit frequency. Victor said he could and asked why, which Thornburg replies he wants to know what's going on. Once Victor got the airport frequency, he's only hears the airport beacon and tells Thornburg that he only hears it and that it's like Dulles Tower isn't there. Thornburg tells him to stay on it. victor acknowledged as he continued to listen in on the microphone.

Afterwards, Victor hears the respond from Dulles chief engineer Leslie Barnes saying the outer marker is only available to them and tells them about the terrorist situation. He went to Thornburg and they went to the kitchen. Victors hands Thornburg the receiver and has him hear the frequency about the terrorist taking over Dulles Tower. The surprised Thornburg tells Victor to get this communication on recording and he does so. He then hands a pen and paper sheet to write down the communications report. He was present when Thornburg hears the terrorists have cut off the two systems that allows planes to land and Thornburg's shock over the dangerous situation.