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"I will break you."
―Viktor Rashenko says that to McClane just he is about to face him in the hangar [src]

Viktor Rashenko was the leader of the group of mercenaries hired by Kenny Sinclair and Reese Hoffman to do their bidding to take control of Las Vegas. He was a former special ops member in the Soviet military before he became the leader of mercenaries for hire. He was one of the antagonists in Die Hard Trilogy 2: Viva Las Vegas.

Viva Las Vegas[]

Viktor was on the bus that carried the mercenaries that left the Mesa Grande Prison after the riot. As John McClane pursued the bus, the vehicle lost control and went down on it's side, sliding into the gas station. As McClane was battled the escaped convicts and mercenaries, Viktor has several runs in with McClane in the area of the bus crash. Then the helicopter arrived and picked him up. The helicopter quickly drops off Viktor to the abandoned hangar, but McClane followed the chopper to the hangar and got there by Hummer.

As McClane fought through his mercenaries to get to the underground part of the hangar, McClane arrived in a room where he was trapped in and Viktor came down from the elevator, armed with a flamethrower. Despite being outgunned with Viktor's flamethrower, McClane takes him out and kills him.