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Vito Lorenzo
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Washington Dulles International Airport

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Die Hard 2

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Die Hard 2


Robert Costanzo

Vito Lorenzo is the police sergeant at Dulles International Airport and the brother of Dulles Chief of Police Carmine Lorenzo. Rather bullheaded, Vito has a very similar personality to his brother, hotheaded and sardonic.

Die Hard 2Edit

Vito was seen towing the vehicle that belongs to the mother-in-law of John McClane. McClane tried to persuade him not to tow the car, with no success. When McClane tells him he is with the LAPD, Vito mentions that he was in Los Angeles once and he hated it. John then reminds him that it's Christmas in a last attempt to get Vito to give him a break, but Vito is still firm and mockingly hands him the ticket as a Christmas present.

At the airport lounge he was seen with another police officer ordering some drinks at the bar. When McClane came to him after seeing some suspicious people, Vito turned at him before McClane can finish. McClane lied that he saw Elvis Presley, knowing Vito wouldn't believe he spotted some suspicious characters. Vito then remarks that he hates tourists.

Later, after Richard Thornburg causes a mass panic at the airport after revealing that terrorists have took control of the airport, his brother Carmine and McClane came to the car he was in. Carmine tells McClane to say hi to his brother Vito, which displeases McClane. Vito tells McClane to have a Merry Christmas, but when the car crashed into a taxi due to the mass panic, Carmine had Vito go over to the taxi to clear the path with no luck. McClane would later leave and defeat the terrorists on his own.

At the end of the film, Vito thanks McClane (in his own way) for stopping Stuart. He tears up the ticket he issued earlier, jokingly remarking that it is Christmas.


  • Vito is probably a nickname to Vittorio, an Italian name. His brother's name is Carmine, also Italian.
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