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The Volksfrei Movement was a militant left-wing West German organization. Inspired by real-life leftwing, socialist terrorist organization "Baader-Meinhof-Gruppe" from Germany.



Hans Gruber during his time in the movement.

At some point, the Volksfrei expelled Hans Gruber from their organization, because he was only interested in making money and not in the ideology of the group. In 1988 on Christmas Eve, after Gruber and a group of terrorists seized the Nakatomi Plaza building and took the company executives hostage, Gruber began making demands which were believed to be associated with the group. Later, KFLW-TV co-anchor Gail Wallens reported that the West German Consulate was contacted about this, and the Volksfrei issued a communique denying responsibility for the Nakatomi Plaza attack and that Gruber's membership in the movement was revoked years before.