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Wall Street is a financial district (and a street) located in Lower Manhattan, New York City. It is home to several financial markets and where the global stock market is located.

Die Hard with a Vengeance[]

John McClane and Zeus Carver take a taxi to Wall Street in order to defuse a bomb (planted by Simon Gruber within 30 minutes before self-destruction. Once they get to a station, McClane finds a way to get into the subway car while Zeus drives to Wall Street Station. After reluctantly picking up a passenger along the way, Zeus makes it to Wall Street and enters the station without pay in order to answer the phone on time, and is forced to deal with the Transit Cop. McClane on the other hand is still in the subway car looking for the bomb. Once he finds it, he has barely any time left, and has to throw it out or everyone (including McClane) will die. At the station, Zeus is arguing with the Transit Cop over surrendering but adds the cherry on top by saying, "If you have to shoot me, then you go ahead and you shoot me.", then answers the phone. Simon, however, is disappointed with him since he was not with McClane together at the same time. McClane reaches the end of the car and throws the bomb out before any civilian deaths could be done. However, it does cause structural damage to the station and leaves smoke plumes coming out from the interior and into Wall Street. The NYPD arrive and first aid is brought before John McClane and Zeus Carver. A limo is parked just across the street and inside are the FBI. They have a brief conversation with McClane, where he learns that Simon is Hans Gruber's brother. McClane then is sent on another mission to go defuse another bomb at Tompkins Square Park and Zeus follows him. The FBI and NYPD leave Wall Street, and Simon uses it to his advantage to trespass into the Federal Reserve Bank.

Live Free or Die Hard[]

Wall Street is seen briefly when cyber-terrorist Thomas Gabriel disables the financial stock, as part of his Fire Sale. Every employee seen is clamoring and raging when they watch their money disappear.

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