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The derailed metro crashes through Wall Street Station.

The Wall Street Station is a subway station located in the borough of Manhattan, New York, which was the target of Simon Gruber.

Die Hard with a Vengeance[]

John McClane and Zeus Carver are talking to "Simon" on the phone when he tells them that they have to get to the pay phone at the Wall Street Station in a half-hour, which is 90 blocks away unless the Number 3 train and the passengers are blown up. Nearly an impossible feat in rush hour traffic in New York City, McClane uses a stolen taxi to drive through Central Park and they make it in time. McClane runs down into the stationa and desperately attempts to reach the train, only to discover that it has already left. McClane frantically runs back up to the street and removes a grate above a tunnel, jumping onto the moving train. McClane rushes through the train car and finds the bomb hidden in a telephone box. McClane removes the bomb and attempts to get all the passengers to the other end of the car when the bomb begins counting down. Meanwhile, Zeus hears the payphone ringing, and in order to reach it in time, he avoids paying by jumping over a gate and rushes over to the phone. However, at this time, a nervous transit cop, who had witnessed Zeus's refusal to pay, pulls a Glock 17 on him and tells him to put his hands up. Zeus attempted to reason with the officer, attempting to convince him that he couldn't oblige his request because he needs to answer the phone. Zeus is forced to answer the phone, and Simon tells Zeus that because he was late, the bomb will be detonated. Zeus attempts to reason with Simon, but Simon hangs up, and Zeus tells the officer to get down. At this time, McClane reached the end of the subway car and threw the bomb out the window as hard as he could, which landed on the tracks and exploded. The explosion didn't kill any of the passengers, but it derailed the train, and sent the train spiraling out of control on the platform, wiping out many support beams in the process. Although some people were injured, they suceeded in preventing any deaths and McClane and Zeus left the station, probably by Walter Cobb who ordered the transit cop who tried to arrest them, ready for Simon's next riddle.


  • A scene where Zeus confronts an officer that he has to answer the phone would later inspire a similar parody confrontation in the 2004 Disney-Pixar film The Incredibles.