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Walt was a well-meaning blue-collar worker that was forced by the FBI to shut down the grid that contained Nakatomi Plaza in a failed attempt to take out the terrorists.

He was played by a comedian named Rick Ducommun.

Die Hard[]

Walt was first seen underneath a manhole, working on the grid on Christmas Eve, 1988, while the city engineer stayed with the truck close by. FBI Special Agent Johnson and Agent Johnson were arguing with his superior, the city engineer, on shutting off the power for Grid 212 (which is ten square blocks). Walt's boss asked for authorization, but Special Agent Johnson answered that their authorization was 'the United States fucking government'. Walt was then told by Special Agent Johnson to 'lose the grid or his job'. Walt reluctantly obliged, even though he would be blamed for shutting the power down for ten blocks on Christmas Eve.


  • "Yeah, Central?"
  • "This is Walt down at Nakatomi."
  • "Yeah, listen, uh, would it be possible for you to turn off grid 212?"
  • "Hey, no shit it's my ass. I got a big problem down here. Just shut it down. Shut it down now."
  • (Deleted scene) "Hey! Hey! We're spliced in down the line!"