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"And I'm going to marry Donald Trump!"
―Wanda sarcastically remarked to John Turley after learning that they are handling the police switchboard [src]

Wanda Shepard is the Day Shift Supervisor at Police Emergency Dispatch, the main dispatch center for the New York City Police Department communications. Her boss is Sergeant John Turley.

Die Hard with a Vengeance[]

As Wanda sees the commotion of the unusually high number of calls, she confronted her boss Sergeant John Turley about it. Turley tells her that the police radio band is shutdown (due to Simon Gruber's bomb at a school which is marked by a radio detonator) and that all calls will be coming at the switchboard which Shepard sarcastically remarks that she is going to marry Donald Trump.

Then after Simon contacts the Radio DJ about the bomb in the school causing frantic parents to call the 911 services, Shepard warns Turley that half of New York City just called 911, which causes the frequency to be jammed by the high number of calls (since Simon did so to turn off the 911 system so the police wouldn't call in on the 911 switchboard).