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600px-DH2 Beretta

McClane reloads his empty Beretta.

This is the article of all the weapons used in Die Hard 2.


  • Heckler & Koch MP5K: It was a scaled down, foregrip-equipped variant with no folding stock of the MP5A3 submachine gun that was used by O'Reilly, Sheldon, Shockley and Mulkey during the assault on the Annex Skywalk. Kahn and Burke also carried this MP5 variant. 

    Shockley firing the MP5K.

  • Heckler & Koch MP5A3: Colonel Stuart and his men during the siege of Dulles International Airport and taken once by John McClane.
  • Beretta 92FS: The 9mm pistol that was the main sidearm of John McClane, which he used to battle mercenaries in Dulles International Airport. It was also used by Carmine Lorenzo, Major Grant and the SWAT team.
  • Glock "7": The pistol of choice for all of Colonel Stuart's mercenaries. It was a fictional "porcelain" pistol that supposedly was incapable of being picked up on airport X-ray machines, and supposedly made in Germany. (Glocks are made in Austria) Because of the many misconceptions about the gun, it has become famous. The gun was played by first Generation Glock 17s and were among the first uses of Glocks in films.  
  • Glock 17: The pistol that Baker used with a suppressor and used it to kill the custodian of Hidey Lake Community Church.
  • Smith & Wesson Model 19: A revolver used by many Dulles Airport police officers.
  • Ithaca 37: A pump-action shotgun was used by one of the SWAT officers of Dulles Airport Police Chief Carmine Lorenzo during the shootout in the Annex Skywalk.
  • Colt M1911A1: This .45ACP pistol is General Ramon Esperanza's weapon of choice, which he stole from a guard he strangled and later uses to hijack his transport plane and attempt to kill John McClane.
  • M16A1: The assault rifle was seen carried by Airport Police Captain Carmine Lorenzo's SWAT team during the ambush in the annex skywalk.
  • M26 "Lemon" fragmentation grenade: Used by Colonel Stuart's men to destroy the cockpit of General Ramon Esperana's plane.
  • C-4: The powerful plastic explosive was briefly seen on the airport control equipment in the Hidey Lake Community Church to prevent anyone from using it.

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