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Windsor 114

Windsor 114 was a fictional flight in the film Die Hard 2. The plane model is based on a Douglas DC-8.

Die Hard 2[]

Windsor 114 was heading for Dulles International Airport at Washington DC from a transatlantic flight from London. After Ed Trudeau, chief of IAD air operations, announced to Windsor 114 and the other flights around Dulles airport that they are experiencing problems with landing lights and instrumental landing systems and to proceed to the outer marker, he did not reveal to them about a group of terrorists taking over the airport's systems.


Windsor 114 before explosion.

Later, the terrorist leader, Colonel Stuart, tells Dulles tower that they will be punished for attempting to break their hold on the control tower after John McClane subdued some of Stuart's men at the unfinished Annex Skywalk. McClane, who is also listening, wonders if a violent sociopath like him has a weapon of mass destruction. Stuart says no and snidely remarks that he can find a "middle ground". Stuart asks his men to find a plane that was low on fuel, before discovering that plane to be Windsor 114. He then impersonates the Dulles controllers and orders Windsor 114 to land at runway 29. The pilots were relieved to hear that since they are low on fuel and have 230 people onboard. The pilot then tells everyone onboard that they will be landing in a few minutes. Once the plane is inside the outer marker, the pilots began their descent, not knowing that Stuart has reconfigured their instrument landing system to cause the plane to crash into the ground. Despite a desperate efforts by McClane, who attempted to warn the pilots that they were being misled by standing on the runway burning torches in order to provide visual flight reference, they notice - albeit too late - that they are about to fly into the runway and do so; their landing wheels buckle underneath as the plane skids on the concrete. Inside the plane, the passengers and the flight crew scream in terror. The sparks on Windsor 114 ignited the fuel inside the plane's engines and caused the fuselage to explode, tearing the plane apart and killing all passengers and crew instantly. McClane ducks for cover as Leslie Barnes, Trudeau, and Carmine Lorenzo watch in horror. McClane is distraught at being unable to save them; he later finds a charred doll on the snowy runway amongst the plane debris.

Upon watching the news on their TV of the plane crash, Stuart coldly crumbles the slip of information on the Windsor flight he crashed.

Although he was unable to save Windsor 114, McClane later punishes their murderer (Stuart) and avenges their deaths when he causes a fuel leak on the terrorist's escape plane, to which he uses his lighter to set the leak aflame, killing Stuart and all of his henchmen.