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1986 Yugo GV

The Yugo GV driven by John McClane.

The Yugo GV was a two-door hatchback car built in Yugoslavia featured in Die Hard with a Vengeance.

Die Hard with a Vengeance[]

Prior to being stolen by John McClane and Zeus Carver, it was owned by a construction worker. After McClane and Zeus find out that the bombs were really a distraction from Simon Gruber's real plan, to steal all the gold from the Federal Reserve Bank in New York, they break into a Yugo GV by breaking a window with a gold bar Zeus found. Zeus starts it with a screwdriver. As they try and find the trucks, Zeus spotted the trucks in the FDR East River Drive. McClane finds out his cell phone was damaged and complains about how bad the engine is. They force the driver of a Mercedes to give them his car just so they can get a cellphone. As they drive away, they stop the car to ask the driver who the 21st president was. He angrily tells them to go "fuck" themselves before he starts walking towards the Yugo, which contains the gold bar Zeus accidentally left in the backseat, upsetting Zeus.